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Los Banos Library is one of the recent additions to the Veterans Connect program that Cobb and Brinkley are overseeing. Launched in November, the program in Los Banos not only provides veterans with dedicated computers, books, forms, and other information, but also with librarians trained to connect them to a myriad of resources available to them, Taylor says. Evelyn Figeroid, library assistant and coordinator for the Rancho Cordova (Calif.) Library Veterans Connect, with veteran and volunteer Bill Mattingly at the Library Veterans Resource Station. (Photo: Teri DeVoe/Institute of Museum and Library Services) The Veterans Connect website offers webinars and other online tutorials, as well as information for library staffers and volunteers to learn more about assisting veterans with health, housing, employment, education, and other benefits. In Los Banos, three staff members and two volunteers have completed the training, Taylor says. Cobb says the training is an introduction to key concepts of searching for resources for veterans through the California Veterans Resource Book and other materials. We started advertising it before the opening in November, and were getting a good reaction from the community; veterans are coming in and asking questions and using the resources, Taylor says. Its the story youll hear from other libraries that have implemented the program, according to Cobb, who noted that since its inception Veterans Connect has served some 16,000 veterans and their families. The veteran resource centers cost about $10,000 to set upprimarily staff costs, computers, library materials, speakers, and other expensesbut half of the 51 centers in California have become self-sustaining after about two years, Brinkley says.

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