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Elk Grove City Council approves $400M casino Wilton Rancheria plans to build 12-story casino The Wilton Rancheria intends to open its 12-story resort that will feature 302 rooms, as well as 2,000 gaming machines and a 30,000-square-foot space for events. Elk Grove City Council approves $400M casino Wilton Rancheria plans to build 12-story casino The Elk Grove City Council approved plans for a casino and resort along Highway 99 during its meeting Wednesday night. The Wilton Rancheria Tribe poised to purchase a 36-acre lot off the highway and Kammerer Road and build its $400 million casino project. Plans show the casino will be 12 stories with more than 300 hotel rooms, 2,000 gaming machines and a 30,000-square-foot space for events like concerts. The tribe said the proposed casino still needs to get approval from the state and federal government. More coverage: Plans for $400M casino move forward in Elk Grove “People always say casino and they think of just a card room or something or a bingo hall. This is a resort facility,” Wilton Rancheria Tribe Chairman Raymond Hitchcock said. “You’ve got the spa, the outdoor pool, fine dining. So it’s an opportunity for people to come and enjoy themselves.” The tribe knows there is some push back from the community, but members of the tribe want to let everyone know they plan to be a good neighbor.

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