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Vin Perfect of Napa , California makes metal screw tops for wine bottles with a liner that allows post-bottling oxygen management. Wed. March 18, 2015 David Lassman | Dan Brick, president/ sales of Brick Packaging in Traverse City, Michigan explains the features of barrels manufactured by Radoux and Seguin Moreau during the Eastern Winery Exposition held today at the OnCenter. Wed. March 18, 2015 Andrew Beilstein of 1285 Winery in Mansfield, Ohio looks at bottles from Waterloo Container Company a supplier of wine bottles, corks and closures on display at the Eastern Winery Exposition held today at the OnCenter. Wed. March 18, 2015 David Lassman | A display of corks made by CorkTec of Stafford Springs, Connecticut at the Eastern Winery Exposition held today at the OnCenter. Wed. March 18, 2015 David Lassman | Wendy Buchan of Aaqua Tools, Inc.

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