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On a real school playground, students might tease the bouncing classmate, but on Sesame Street, the Muppets watch Julia and join in, creating a new playground game called boing-boing tag. Kim Tozer, executive director of Sutterville Preschool, said shes seen more children with autism spectrum disorder in her classroom in recent years. They are sometimes ridiculed for playing differently or not joining in group games, she said, although she teaches her students to be patient with their autistic classmates. She said she hopes the new Sesame Street character will bring the message home. They dont flow as easily in whatever aspect, whether its noise or touch or how theyre processing whats going on. Theyre a little bit different, and kids will pick up on that, Tozer said of children on the spectrum. We can teach them, even as early as age 3 or 4, to be a little quieter or give them a little extra time. It teaches tolerance, when theyre all together. Just as Sesame Street announced Julias debut, the makers of the new Power Rangers movie, released last Friday, announced that Billy, the blue ranger, is on the autism spectrum. They have not released further details about what traits the character possesses, although one Vox review notes that Billy has trouble reading peoples emotions and doesnt get his fellow Rangers jokes. John Matthias, of Roseville, said he looks forward to taking his 15-year-old autistic son Wesley to see the film. In particular, hes curious to see if Wesley, who has trouble forming full sentences but loves going to the movies, will connect with the autistic character.

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